No Frills.
Just Great Cannabis.

Its pronounced ‘flows.”

Premium Indoor Cannabis


We believe cannabis possesses the innate yet untapped ability to help heal the human body. So our founders and cultivators, OGs in California’s cannabis industry, partnered with the smartest researchers and doctors they could find with the mission of unveiling why and how cannabis provides relief to so many people with a wide variety of ailments find relief by consuming it.

In our search to identify the best cannabis genetics for research, we overestimated the amount of cannabis required. We ended up producing way more than we needed. We faced a decision to either scale back production or find another purpose for the extra cannabis.

We created Flōs (pronounced ‘flows’) to offer these high-quality flowers and the relief they provide to the people at the lowest possible price.

Premium Indoor Smalls

Small nugs. Big effect. Small price tag.

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